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Big News!!! Brand new production line is introduced into PCBWay’s new factory

by: Mar 07,2018 3610 Views 3 Comments Posted in News

PCBWay new factory new production line

Our new factory is now in production testing and will start formal production on March 16th. 

At the beginning of 2018, PCBWay Spent $2,000,000 in ordering a whole set of Surface Treatment Equipment Automatic Copper Production Line in response to the rising domestic and international orders and ensure that our customers receive the PCBs on schedule.


The set of equipment includes hardware part and software part, and it will play an important role in copper plating , erasing plastic slag and other aspects. The introduction of new equipment will further improve our efficiency in the PCB production process to enhance the production capacity of enterprises and shorten the lead time.


Facing the growing orders, PCBWay knows that the procurement of sophisticated equipment has always been major campaign. There are  many other equipment, such as: 6-axis Drilling Machine, Automatic Professional Testing Machine, Screw High-speed Flying Probe Testing Machine, Automatic Laminator, Exposure Machine, Milling Machine, Etching and Development Equipment, Laminating Equipment, AOI Line Detection Machine, Laser Silkscreen Printer.


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