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PCBWay-OEM Electric Floor Fan

by: Jun 10,2022 4664 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

OEM Floor Fan Design OEM Case study

On April 19th, the infinitely variable frequency smart fan jointly developed by Fengmi and PCBWay-OEM was officially launched for sale. This product attracted widespread attention from consumers on the first day it was launched. This product has also become the first good product launched by the co-branding company of PCBWay-OEM. 

The fan only took 5 months from research and development to mass production. This fan is jointly developed and produced by Fengmi and PCBWay-OEM. PCBWay-OEM, as a strategic partner of Fengmi brand, not only undertakes the material procurement and overall production of the fan The one-stop service also undertakes the intelligent upgrade of the fan, which is mainly supported by the Qiji intelligent IOT technology under the PCBWay-OEM brand. PCBWay Intelligent Manufacturing has strong supply chain support. From circuit boards, SMT, molds, injection molding, sheet metal, and integrated finished products are all completed by self-operated factories to ensure the quality of each product. 

Special features of the fan

1.Five special colors Glacier white, volcanic ash, coral powder, ice blue and mint green, which are more suitable for the fashion pursuit of youth

2.99-gears speed control ,Infinitely intelligent and changeable. In addition, the fan adopts the unique shuttle patent technology, 99-gears speed infinitely variable air volume adjustment, and realizes the real infinitely variable speed. One-key rotation adjustment, a new feeling of delicate air volume changes.

3.16 feather fan blades

Delicate wind to restore comfortable wind like stay in the forest;The fan blade is designed with 16 vanes, the maximum diameter of the fan blade is 300mm, and the maximum output air volume is 1210m³/h. The slow wind on the inside pulls the fast wind on the outside, and finally hits the same point to destroy the vortex, reproducing the natural wind, as comfortable and comfortable as the spring breeze, restoring the wind in memory.

4.Power-saving mode

Digital frequency conversion motor silk-smooth air supply, energy saving and power saving, the first dynamic digital frequency conversion technology, which can dynamically simulate natural wind, the blowing wind is more delicate and silky, without the sense of gear shifting, and can deliver natural wind with a quiet and low noise in any scene, the lowest Working sound 29dB(A) Simplified one-key adjustment Using intelligent chip control technology, dynamic digital display, simple but not simple, beautiful and in line with the dynamic interface of operation logic, controlled by intelligent chip, feel the beauty of technology. 

5.Mobile APP intelligent control 

You can set the custom wind speed through the PCBWay-OEM APP, you can enjoy different wind in different direction,which can meet the wind speed needs of adults and babies at the same time. Platform dual-use Suitable for different scenarios Through one-key removal button, the soul switches the double-section metal support rod to easily realize height adjustment.

6.Fold-able fan

Dual-use suitable for different scenarios Through one-key removal button, the soul switches the double-section metal support rod to easily realize height adjustment.

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