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Storage Server

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Storage Server OEM Case study

welcome to custom your Storage Server
We could provide professional OEM/ODM SOLUTION servises

Storage Server

  • Support 2-way Xeon Scalable processor, maximum 40CORE, up to 3 UPI, 11.2GT/S
  • Support B PCIE AIC cards (up to 4 full-height full-length cards, 2 double-width GPU cards
  • Support onboard dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and OCP3.0 interface
  • Provides front and rear VGA ports. Front and rear USB3.0 interface, built-in USB interface. Built-in SD card slot
  • Single-board hardware devices meet EU level 2 ring depth requirements
  • Support NVME/SAS/SATA hot plug, support RAID 0/1/10/5/50/6/60
  • The chassis of the whole machine is made of high-strength and high-quality SGCC steel, which can solve the noise and heat dissipation of the chassis.

Product Description

Computational server products are based on Intel® Whitl e y platform, support Intel® Xe o n ® third-generation scalable processors I c e L a k e – SP, modular design, flexible configuration to support cloud data centers and traditional enterprise IT applications environment to meet performance and scaling needs.

Availability and Serviceability Features

The hard disk rack adopts EMI shrapnel design, and the unique fan shock absorption design reduces the resonance between the fan and the hard disk, and does not affect the read and write speed of the hard disk. flexible

Manageability and Security Features

Support NC-SI feature, industry standard unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI), support TPM card/TCM card

Scalability and Performance

Support 2-way Xeon⑧ scalable processor, maximum 40CORE up to 3 UPI, 11.2GT/S. Support 32 DDR4 ECC memory, support RDIMM and LRDIMM type memory, support Intel BPS memory, 3200MHZ@1DPC provides cost-effective hard disk configuration scheme 123.5 (4NVME+8SATA, ANYBAY), and rear hard disk scheme 42.5[ ANYBAY), 2*3.5 (SAS/SATA)

Customized Support

Document support customization requirements


CPU Type: 2 X Intel® Xeon® Gold 6348 28C 2.60 GHz

Memory: 32 X 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz RDIMM

Hard Disk: 14X 12TB-SATA-3.5 寸-HDD\n

U.2 interface SSD hard disk or PCIe SSD card: 2 X 480GB SAS3.0 SSD

Network Card: 1 X Onboard 2 Gigabit LAN ports\n2 X MCX512A-ACUT

Raid card, SAS pass-through card: 1 X 9560-8i,4GB Cache 支持 RAID 0,1,10,50,60

Optical module: 4 X Dual Multimode SFP28 Modules

Chassis Specifications: Single chassis height 2U, depth 900MM

Fan: Fully configured, hot-swappable redundant fans\nRequires forward wind and back wind\nThere are no openings on the top and bottom of the chassis (including auxiliary air inlet or air outlet)\nSupport stacking

Power: Full configuration and single 10A\nPlatinum Power Rating\nPower supply N+N redundancy and hot swap\n220V AC and 240V high-voltage DC power supply, and supports one channel of AC and one channel of high-voltage DC\nRedundant power input

Cache: 1 X With battery write protection module

Guide: 1 X Modular Platform Tool Rails

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