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Gigabit Dual Band WiFi5 Converged Gateway

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Gigabit Dual Band WiFi5 Converged Gateway OEM Case study

Summary:       Gigabit Dual Band WiFi5 Converged Gateway

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Gigabit Dual Band WiFi5 Converged Gateway

  • Compact design with small footprint and installation friendly
  • WIFI5 long-distance coverage, 2.4G&5.8G dual-band wireless communication
  • Gigabit Ethernet port uplink interface high-speed communication
  • 802.1x, IPv6/IPv4 firewall to ensure device access security and network security

Product Description

HG550E product is a four-in-one integrated gateway device designed for home, small business broadband, set-top box, wireless, voice and other scenarios. WiFi and IPTV functions are independently controlled by their respective buttons, and can provide 3 Ethernet GE interfaces, combined with WIFI5 wireless dual frequency communication technology to bring high-quality WIFI, voice, data and high-definition video service experience to users.

Support game-pad access

The operation of the cloud game is completed on the cloud server. The user sends an operation command through the input device. After the cloud server receives the command and renders it in the cloud, it continues to encode and compress the command feedback and the audio and video content of the game, and transmit it to the client game terminal through the network. Through high-speed network transmission, computing, encoding and decoding capabilities, users can achieve real-time synchronized gaming experience.

Fast speed, fast Internet access new experience

Using the high-speed communication of the integrated network port uplink interface, WIFI5 achieves long-distance coverage, breaks the wall shackles, and achieves fast speed! Adopt 2.4G&5.8G dual-band wireless communication to achieve high network intensity

New firewall technology to ensure information security

Adopt 802.1x, IPv6/IPv4 firewall technology to ensure device access security and network security, and ensure that others cannot rub the network.

Multifunctional and multimedia features

HG550E/G has rich functions, which can meet the multi-service needs of high-speed shared Internet access, high-definition IPTV, clear voice telephone, etc. It is suitable for personal users, home offices and small enterprises.


Dimension (LWH): 5.2*7.56*1.57inches

Weight: Apro.0.562pounds

Typical Voltage: 6W

Max. Voltage: 12.1W( with USB load)

Working Temperature: -5~+45℃

Working Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH non-condensing

Adapter input: 170~240V AC,50/60Hz

Machine power supply: 11~14V(typical value 12V),1.5A

Network Side Interface: GE

User Side Interface: 2xGE+1xPOTS+3x USB+WIFI5+HDMI+AV

Indicator Light: Power/USB/TV/Wireless/Phone/Broadband/1/2

Video Port: HDMI/AV

Protection Class: IP20

Installation Method: Indoor Desktop Flat, wall mounted or installed in a home box

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