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PCBWay TV Show 02- How is LED Shining in the Life of Electronic Makers ?

by: Aug 13,2020 2307 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

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1907, a British Henry Joseph round discovered that when an electric current is applied to the inorganic materials, it could emit light.

Since then, people start the study of the LED. And through the development of many years, not only LED burst into various brilliance in the lighting field but also applied in various fields. And nowadays our awesome makers use these tiny light bulbs into the various projects. And it’s all start from the human instinct of pursuit light. This article will show 14 different kinds of LED projects. You can also watch the video version below.

1.POV Flex LED Version1

Carl’s first version of FlexLED. It can light 3 colors, green, yellow and red. The Hyper Red source color devices are made with AlGalnP on GaAs substrate Light Emitting Diode. The Super Bright Yellow device is made with AlGalnO(on GaAs substrate) light emitting diode chip. The Green source color devices are made with InGaN on Sapphire Light Emitting Diode.

Holographic FlexLED

It’s an upgraded version of the POV Flex LED with more richer display content. He even program it to show a holographic heart as a valentine gift. 

2.LED Mask with Arduino and Mic

Inspired by the situation of wearing masks nowadays, Jonathan made a mankind-friendly project in which the LED will change the form when you are speaking, and the light will turn to red if you speak louder. 

3. LED Ball

This attractive LED Ball is made by Hari Wiguna. The unique of this project is that he put the LED not on the surface but on the edge of the PCB. And then joint these arc-shaped PCBs into a 3D sphere.

4. PCB Pyramid

A delicate artwork --- PCB Pyramid. The project includes some ws2812b LEDs and an ESP8266 to control them over wifi using the Blynk IoT platform.

5. 7 Segments RGB Display

Using NodeMCU and WS2812b LEDs, @Electro Point create a Addressable 7 Segments RGB Display. The displays are individually addressable that means you need only one data line to control as many displays as you want. He made a custom PCB which has 2 LEDs per segment. So that's total of 14 LEDs per digit.

6.POV Fidget Spinner

Handsome Maker Sean's POV Fidget Spinner, after the accumulation of several projects of fidget spinners, he made this shining one.

7.Holographic Clock

Propeller  Holographic Clock, it can show specfic texts, numbers and patterns.

8.4X4X4 LED Cude

9. 8X8X8 LED Cude

10. Music Reactive Multicolor LED Light 

11. Police LED

12. Ping Pong LED Wall

13. Solar Panel Using LED

Project Plan: Louisa

Article Writing: Lesley

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