A Cheaper Alternative to Relays When Driving 240 VDC loads --- 8-MOSFET

Why Choose 8- MOSFET?Compared with relays, 8-MOSFET is more cheaper to drive four high-current loads (24 VDC at 10 A) and four high-voltage loads (240 VDC at 2 A). For applications that require fast, clean switching times, it will achieve the job more quickly and quieter. Also, it has nearly unlimited longevity with high endurance under heavy loads.What’s more, it employs industrial-grade, pluggable connectors, which makes it easy to use. Thanks for its scalable feature, and only the I2C interfa...

240VDC Teensy ESP32 UNO 8-MOSFET solid-state power driver DIN-rail mountable stackable

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