The Best Design, Axiom by Marcos Chaparro and his team, EV Power Designs Inc.

PCBWay Team: “ Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Many other PCBWayers in the community want to know more about you.”Marcos:" Well, this is a team work of 4 designers (and supportive wives!) from Canada and Argentina, I’m Marcos Chaparro, an electronics engineer from Argentina, and one of the members of the Power Designs team that developed Axiom. "PCBWay Team: “When did you start making and how did you learn the skill of PCB Design?”Marcos:"I made the first strokes at pcb design with ...

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Ranking Name Answers
1 PCBWay Support 12
2 Carl 5
3 jack chen 3
4 Datagor Electronics 3
5 Andrea Iarossi 3
6 Dario Murgia 2
7 paulo lima 1
8 Andrew 1
9 Joson 1
10 Ashank 1
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