this is a regular arduino board which all u need to do is solder the components and use a (FT232RL) or (CH340) USB to TTL converter to upload a code. If u dont have this converter it's ok. u can simply follow the procedures below.

NOTE : If your using the (FT232RL) or (CH340) convertor , pls make sure you fix a 0.1uf(104) capacitor between the RST pin and DTR pin of the arduino.

you will need: ATmega328p(with bootloader),10k rsistor,220ohm resistor,led,16MHz crystal, 4 pin pushbutton switch, (FT232RL) USB to TTL conveter, LM7805, LD1117, female pin headers, alotof lead.

In case u don't have a (FT232RL) or (CH340) USB to TTL conveter simply follow these steps,

  • first take a regular arduino UNO board and REMOVE it's micro controller(ATmega328p).

  • then connect the ARDUINO's RST, TX, RX, VCC, GND pin to ur pcb.

  • after making the connections, simply go to the arduino IDE and upload a sketch.

  • for more info about the connections click the link below.

arduino upload code using another arduino

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Jan 10,2019
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