This is a circuit which activates a RELAY when the envoiroment is dark and when there is a movement in front of it (PIR sensor).  All you need to do is solder the components and connect an LED bulb(220v) through the relay.

note : 

This circuit can work both with AC and DC power supply . just make sure if it's AC current, it should be from 12v - 9v. And if it's DC current, please make sure to turn ON the switch on the PCB and suppluy a 12v - 9v to it. 

Warning : 

please make sure NOT to supply both AC currrent and DC current together. And the 5k potentiometer is just there to controll the DC current only

components :

3v LED's (3) , Dip switch , 1N4007 diode (4) , BC547 transistor (3) , 100uF capacitor , 1000uF capacitor(2) , SPDT relay(2) , 3 pin screw header , LM317 ic , 5k Poteniometer , 0.33 uF ceramic capacitor , LDR , PIR sensor , DC or AC (12v - 9v) power supply . 

The components which has a bracket (x) next to it shows how many of them you need.

Feel free to ask any questions about this PCB in the comment section and please LIKE !

Thank you :)

Mar 07,2019
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