[Assembly] Pre-programmed microcontroller for assembly

So I want PCBWay to make a PCB including assembly and I would like them to order the components for me as well. The problem is: I have a pre-programmed microcontroller made by Microchip.The quest...

[PCB] PCB order and delivery

Hi, is your factory working now, and delivery to Ukraine via DHL?

[Assembly] About your product....

I'll order 20 pieces from this product below: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Synthesizer_UA7KJ_Mega2560_Si5351_TFT3_2__mod_R2AJI_v1_1.html However, I want to learn will you sell ...

[PCB] Why did your technical reviewer reject my order?

I want it 2 layer even though there is no track on the bottom, I only need the soldering pads.
  • answered May 18,2018
    by PCBWay
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