Product Description

OpenEEW Node

The OpenEEW seismic sensor lets you collect data from earthquakes in real-time and transmit to the cloud using MQTT. This is a key part of the open-source project OpenEEW (, which includes also the firmware, as well as detection scripts to run in the cloud ( 

By connecting to the cloud that is provided for free, you can join many others and create a global network of seismic sensors that help provide alerts to communities before they feel the shaking. You can use the OpenEEW dashboard ( to control your device and also see the global network.

To provision your device we have also provided a free mobile app ( that passes Wifi details using the ESP32 Smartconfig protocol, and also saves the location using your phone's GPS.

 The OpenEEW Sensor has been designed for both citizen and professional scientists to record and study the earth shaking.

  • High performance + low-noise MEMS Accelerometer
  • ESP32 Microcontroller with 2.4Ghz Wifi
  • Ethernet LAN8710A controller and connector
  • 3 RGB "Neopixel" LEDs and a 5V buzzer for status and alarm
  • I2C Qwiic-compatible port (4 pin JST) for additional sensors
  • Header for GPS module (module not included)

 This project was founded by Grillo (, with support from IBM and the Linux Foundation. 

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