Product Description

Bytes Counter v1.0


It is an Open Source Tally Counter which will help you counting things: From people in

places, inventories at work, or life/points at board games such Magic. It uses the XLP

capabilities (Extreme Low Power) of the PIC18F1XK50, so you wont be need to worry

about batteries anymore. With the first CR2032, you will have years of lifetime.

Working modes:

press + / press - button: Increase/Decrease count

Long press +: Sound event -> activate/deactivate sound buzzer every button


Long press -: Reset event -> Reset the count.

60s without pressing any button: Deep Sleep mode -> Display is off and

saving mode is activated. The count is kept

Any button pulsation in Deep Sleep Mode: Count as normal AND reactivate

the device.

Power Consumption:

With a cr2032 battery cell of 220mAh: Deep Sleep Mode: up to 50nA (Can be assumed

to be 0). The battery self-discharge will actuate first. Working with sound and display on

(Worst scenario) 100% time: 7.61mAh. The battery will last 30h of usage. Working with

the display on 100$ time: 6.27mAh. The battery will last 35h of usage.

Please keep in mind that the time is showed in "usage time", real-time will be extended

depending on personal use.

Link to media:

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