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ATM90E32/36 Development Kit

NOTE: This is a low-voltage design NEVER use mains voltage with it.

What is it?

A breakout board with extras for the ATM90E3X series of three-phase energy monitor ASIC's from Atmel.

Why did you make it?

After successfully building the single-phase energy monitor with the ATM90E26 there has been lots of interest in the 3-phase version. Being an open-hardware project, many people have created remixed and derived versions as well. After a while I started receiving requests to assist with the code for ATM90E36, the 3-phase version of the Energy Monitor chip. However I did not have the hardware to test the code, so I put together this basic devkit to access the SPI bus and easily inject voltage and CT signals to take the ATM90E36 through its paces. This is the first board I have designed based purely on user demand rather than to scratch my own itch, since I don't have 3-phase supply at home.

What makes it special?

The best selling point would be the 1/10 price difference compared the stock Atmel devkit. In addition this is designed for low voltage use using a bank of 3-transformers for 3-phases, so it is relatively safe to experiment with. There are stereo jacks on-board to plug in the very popular YHDC CT's directly and 3.5mm headers for pluggable sockets or screw headers to inject the AC voltage. It is also supported by me using Arduino code and will function with the myriad Arduino compatible boards out there.


The ATM90E32 and ATM90E36 share the same footprint you can choose either chip when ordering the board. The ATM90E36 has slightly more functionality including data dumping over DMA with the chip in SPI-master mode.

Source code:


Note: If you place an order, you will receive item 36.

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