Product Description

iCE40 Feather

What is it?

  • iCE40UP5k FPGA in a QFN-48 package
  • 5280 Logic Cells
  • 20 IO broken out to Feather, 4 additional IO on bottom of board
  • FT2232 provides programming and UART interface over a USB-C connector
  • 32 MBit SPI Flash
  • Onboard RGB LED, user LED, TX/RX LEDs

Why did you make it?

I have a huge investment in the feather form factor as witnessed by my investment in various featherwings for energy monitoring. I really wanted to get into FPGA's to benefit from high speed ADC's that can be supported by FPGA based SPI buses interfacing directly with Multiply-Accumulate logic required for energy monitoring. When Josh sent me the iCE40 Feather I could see its potential in being easy to program as well as possible to interface with high speed ADC's and be an FPGA learning platform in general.

We collaborated to make the Feather better and update a lot of parts into the USB-C version.

What makes it special?

Compatible with the open source SymbiFlow toolchain

With full documentation and samples in learn-fpga

Can be adapted for use with PMOD's via PMOD adapter feather

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