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TC Logger Device

TC Logger Device is a simple thermocouple USB reader: help you to measure any process you need using the USB protocol an a simple software developed in Python. The project is able to use two thermocouple at the same time and share the data to the computer at a speed of 5Hz. (5 samples per second). The main microprocessor is the PIC18F14K50. Some example of use is to monitorice a reflow oven, a chemical reaction, heating proccess or the monitoring of freezers or cooling units.

As it uses USB protocol, you do not need any special drivers. You can communicate with the using SCPI Commands or our own PC software. Linux, Windows and MAC are supported. Everything is open source so you can develop your own libraries and use it to automate any process.

The product has up to two channels where you can connect thermocouples type K, which can measure temperatures generally from -200 to 1260°C. The thermocouples are not included in the package.

Manual (English):

Github Repository

Compiled software for Windows:

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