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BassCrab uHAT

Project Description

We are happy to share with you a nice project: BassCrab uHAT. It is an expansion board for Raspberry Pi Zero, but it will work fine with other Rasbperry Pi versions (2, 3A, 3B, 4) and with ASUS ThinkerBoard too. It's been designed following the mechanical specification for uHAT form factor.

Together with Volumio it will turn your Raspberry Pi into a tiny but powerful audio player.

BassCrab uHAT is powered by the following peripherals:

- 1x Audio Codec SGTL5000 from NXP

- 1x Headphone 3.5mm jack

- 1x Line-out 3.5mm jack

- 2x Rotary Encoder with push-button

- 1x Blue LED

- 1x socket for 0.96" OLED display

The onboard Audio CODEC is fully supported in the latest RaspiOS and Volumio images, to enable it please add the following string to the config.txt file: dtoverlay=fe-pi-audio

The Rotary Encoders with push-buttons can be used to control the audio playback (play, pause, volume-up, volume-down, previous song, next song, etc.).

Full documentation is available on public Github repository, including BOM and SMD positioning files, for automated assembly.

More information you can check the Github here.

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