DC to DC Boost Converter using UC3843

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoDC to DC converters are quite popular among electronic enthusiasts and are widely used within the industry. There are three major types of non-isolated DC to DC converters: ...

DC to DC; UC3843

PICOmputer - World first Raspberry RP2040 PICO

Shared Project:This Pi-computer is by Peter Misenko, This is a palm-sized computer of sorts. It integrates a keyboard made from tactile push button switches, a TFT IPS display, and a Raspberry Pico co...

Raspberry Pi Shared Project

Infrared Remote Control Decoder & Switcher Board

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoLicense: (CC BY-NC-SA 4+)Infrared remote controllers are everywhere around us. The majority of home appliances are controlled using infrared remote controls. In this article...

Remote Control

Active Low Pass Filter Bode Plot Analysis using Siglent SDS2102X Plus Oscilloscope [Part-2]

Here is the part-1 articlehttps://www.pcbway.com/blog/technology/Active_Low_Pass_Filter_Circuit_Analysis_using_Siglent_SDS2102X_Plus_Oscilloscope_[Part_1].htmlIn the second part of the active low pass...

Siglent SDS2102X Plus Oscilloscope

Raspberry Pi Pico i2c devices with CircuitPython

I have several i2c devices which I use on the Raspberry Pi computers and program then in Python. Now I have a Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 microcontroller board, I wanted to try my i2c devices out on the ...

Pico i2c CircuitPython Raspberry Pi ToF VL53L0X

UDLabs Challenge 2021

Click here to Register!About us:Upside Down Labs team works on making innovative affordable open-source hardware and software solutions accessible for:Makers, researchers, students, and learners make ...

challenge competition Hardware Software UpsideDownLabs

Active Low Pass Filter Circuit Analysis using Siglent SDS2102X Plus Oscilloscope [Part-1]

In this video, I explain some theories behind a low pass active filter circuit, then I built a simple active low pass filter using the LM358 opamp. I tested the filter's behavior using the Siglent SDG...

Low Pass Filter Circuit Analysis

Cheap USB to UART Converter using Microchip MCP2200

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoNowadays USB port is used widely for data transactions between electronic devices and computers. In many scenarios, there is no need to communicate with the USB port directl...

USB microchip MCP2200

Back Drilling --- A special craftsmanship of control depth drilling

What is Back Drilling?Backdrill is the process of creating vias by removing the stub in multilayered printed wiring boards, to allow signals to flow from one layer of the board to another. (The stubs ...

back drilling depth drilling PTH

30V-4A Adjustable Power Supply (CC-CV)

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoPower supplies are one of the most popular topics in electronics. There are two major types of regulated power supply: linear and switching. Both power supply types introduc...

Adjustable Power Supply

Have You Ever Seen These Pads?

The pad is the basic unit of PCB surface mount assembly. On the printed circuit board, the electrical connections of all components are made through pads. So, what are the pad shape and the standards ...

pad plum blossom pad Teardrop Pad

What Tg means to FR-4 board?

The role of the substrate for printed circuit boards is as important as the role of printed circuit boards for electronic devices. According to the property of PCB substrate, it can be divided into or...

Tg FR-4 pcb Td CTE

Why Some PCBs Need Edge Plating?

Some people may have seen many industrial pcb boards or RF pcb boards with a circle of vias and copper tape around them, and even some RF pcb boards will be metalized around the sides of the board. Wh...

edge plating pcb

Tips for soldering ---How to solder perfectly.

1.Tools for Hand solderingElectric soldering iron/ stand/ Hot air gun/ Soldering head etc.Conditions for soldering:Solderable parts/ Clean soldered metal surface/ Suitable flux/ Proper soldering tempe...

soldering welding flux solder joint

A Digital FM Receiver with Arduino (Including 3W+3W Class-D Stereo Amplifier)

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoFM transmitters/receivers are among the top favorite circuits of any electronic enthusiast. In this article/video, I have introduced a complete digital FM receiver design th...

Arduino Digital FM Receiver

7 Surface Finish in PCBWay

A conventional printed circuit board (PCB) has a copper layer on the board. If the copper layer is not protected, it will be oxidized and damaged, directly affecting subsequent soldering. And surface ...

surface finish pcbway solderability HASL OSP ENIG ENEPIG

Build Your IoT Sensor Network — STM32 Blue Pill + nRF24L01 + ESP8266 + Apache Mynewt + thethings.io

Law of Thermospatiality: Air-conditioning always feels too warm AND too cold by different individuals in a sizeable room.Law of Thermospatiality in actionIt’s impossible to get perfect air-conditionin...

IoT ESP8266 Internet of Things Nrf24l01 Stm32 thethings.io Apache Mynewt

Principles of Graphic Transfer Technology

Principles of Graphic Transfer Technology (Exposure- DES)Under a certain temperature and pressure, a dry film is attached to the board surface, and then the negative film is used for alignment, and fi...

Graphic Transfer DES development etching strip exposure

3 Tips for RF PCB Layout

Because the radio frequency (RF) circuit is a distributed parameter circuit, skin effect and coupling effect are prone to occur in the actual work of the circuit, so in the actual PCB design, it will ...

RF pcb design layout routing cavity

Program Your First FPGA With GOWIN GW1N-4

If you’re a software developer like me, you might be thrilled to see so many exciting embedded hardware platforms that we can now program easily, from Arduinos to the PADI IoT Stamp and the STM32 Blue...

FPGA Gowin arduino IoT programming Internet of Things

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