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PCBWay New Soldermask Colors - Pink,Gray,Orange and Transparent

by: Sep 13,2021 5932 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

pink pcb gray pcb orange pcb transparent pcb black core pcb

Summary:       PCBWay always offers the most choices for you to brighten your design

Every additional choice means adding many more customizations for PCB makers, which is very important to perfectly interprets people’s projects, especially for electronics enthusiasts and creative makers who love to show their individuality. PCBWay offers you the most options to make unique products,like color and material customization.

Over the past few years, we've been getting a lot of suggestions from our lovely clients to add more soldermask colors and more other custom options. We listened and learned, and added Purple, Matt black, Matt Green soldermask colors. But that doesn't seem to satisfy everyone, more and more PCBWayers wanted us to add Pink color. OK, here it is.

The new soldermask colors include PINK, ORANGE, GRAY and even TRANSPARENT. What’s more, to meet some clients’ needs, we also release the “Black Core PCB” materials, so you can use it for your specific requirement. Now you can check all the available soldermask colors at the "Advanced PCB" online quote page, and we're excited to see your new boards with these new glamorous colors!

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