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PL1-0 Universal Sensor Interface

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The PL1-0 is an 8-channel universal sensor interface board designed to tackle the incompatibility that the Arduino between the high-voltage sensors of the industrial world which smooth the way for Arduino to play its role in the control of production and test equipment. It allows you to safely connect your 5 or 3.3 volt microcontroller to almost any discrete sensor.

Independent channel

PL1-0 uses a switching voltage comparison circuit to make the board compatible with PNP (source) and NPN (sink) sensors operating at +30 VDC. Each of its eight channels operates independently and can be configured separately, which means that the user can run any sensor on any channel simultaneously.

In addition, the board also has a 1 ms debounce filter, the capacity makes it very suitable for use with mechanical switches and buttons.

Safe and Power Efficient

By using RF-based isolation techniques, the PL1-0 has many advantages including much lower power consumption, better noise immunity, and better operating characteristics over the device’s service life.

Also, these isolators keeps your microcontroller safely separated from field power up to 1 kV DC.

Easily Drop-in

Finally, it should be noted that we can use industry-standard methods to mount it on DIN rails to secure the control cabinet and the electronic equipment used in the cabinet. It also allows electrical components to be connected and eliminated from aluminum or steel rails with standard profiles.

DIN rails are cheaper and are useful for industrial automation tasks and amateur electrical projects. PL1-0's DIN rail mounting option simplifies placement in any electrical cabinet.

More Sensor Options

The PL1-0 allows you to combine the proven technology of industrial sensing with the convenience of microcontroller platforms.

Color comparators, fiber optic breaklines, contrast sensors, and many laser sensors are only sold in a 10-30 V DC package. In addition, industrial sensors are almost always more reliable, higher quality, and better performing than a 5 V option of the same technology.

Features & Specifications

Input Specifications

Channels: 8

Type: Sourcing / Sinking (selectable)

Voltage Range: 0 – 30 V DC

Debounce: 1 ms

Output Specifications

Type: Sinking

Voltage: 3.3 / 5 V DC (selectable)

Pullup: Built-in pullup to VCC

Electrical Isolation

Isolation Voltage: 1 kV DC

Isolation Technology: RF modulation

Power Input (Sensor Side)

Voltage: 5 V DC

Current (Maximum): 50 mA

Power Input (Output Side)

Voltage: 3.3 / 5 V DC

Current (Maximum): 20 mA


Standard: 40 g

w/ DIN Rail Mount: 90 g


Standard: 70 x 72 x 15 mm

w/ DIN Rail Mount: 72 x 87 x 37.5 mm

The PL1-0  is currently being crowdfunded on the Crowd Supply. Go for supporting it if you are interested in it.


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