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Free to get 2 channel Relay Module

by: May 25,2017 2647 Views 10 Comments Posted in Activities

module activity Relay Module

Summary:       To support electronic hobbyist's projects,we hold this activity

After survey we found that so many of our clients are electronic enthusiasts. They are interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, microcontroller or others.

In order to support them to make more interesting projects, we deliberately produce some modules as gifts for engineers.

This time the gift module is “2 channel Relay Module”. Each time we will choose 2-4 lucky engineers.


How to get it?( you can choose any one )

1.@ our official Facebook account that you want to be the lucky engineer to get the relay module.

2.@ our official Twitter account that you want to be the lucky engineer to get the relay module.

3.@ our official Instagram account that you want to be the lucky engineer to get the relay module.

4.Leave the comment below the post

5.Share the activity in your blog or any other website you like


1.When you are notified that you are the lucky engineer, please login in our website timely and fill in your detailed address information.

2.The module will be shipped by HongKong post.

3.To make yourself contacted, please use a real and frequently-used email to register our website.

4.Any questions,please feel free to contact anson@pcbway.com

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  • A relay may be useful for experimentation. Contact me if you wish to send the reward.

  • Hey! I just love the stuff you guys are doing because this is nothing less than blessing for hobbyists, makers, enthusiasts and people who wish to change the world and make it a better place to live but have limited resources, im so glad that I discovered you guys :) Right now im working on a smart recycling dustbin which recycles all your waste and now im in need of a couple of relays and if you please be kind enough to send even one then it would of great help, THANKS pcbway just LUV U GUYS :)

  • I have a plan to create a home automation project to control lights and other devices. If you wish, please send me the reward. thank you.

  • can i have if possible?

  • Hello, I would like to participate. Best regards, Alexandre

  • Hi, I'm a professor at the Polytechnic University of Aragua State in Venezuela. I like his proposal to support non-profit scientific projects, the relay is an important element of industrial automation with systems developed with microcontrollers. At this moment I am developing a theft to stimulate the learning of children with autism spectrum, and the module of rele with a PCB development is essential for the support of the project.http://iutlv.academia.edu/RafaelTelles, thank you very much

  • I'm working on a HomeKit project with Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 - could use a relay.

  • This looks like a great module with two relays supporting 110V line voltage. Would like to get and try it for a home automation paired with an Arduino or ESP8266 for wireless control.

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