No Music, No Life---Innovation & ImplementationS2E1

Welcome back to PCBWay Youtube channel and Welcome to the show Innovation & Implementation S2! Tower Records has a slogan which is quite popular---No Music, No Life. Our today’s topic is music&sound. And we’re very happy to see plenty of our PCBWayers embracing music into designing. Let’s check them out!1.Piezo Pickup InstrumentSwitch & Lever provides a cost-effective choice for amateurs. He constructed his own Piezo electronic contact microphone and use it to record some cool sounds...

Electric Drum Microphone Preamp Electronic piano Sound Effects echo

Ranking Name Answers
1 Sayanik Mandal 9
2 Tomasanton 4
3 Miguel Reis 3
5 Nicolas DEFRANOUX 2
6 Riley Gunn 2
7 PCBWay Support 2
8 PagaAnto 1
9 Reshodha 1
10 Joson 1
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