Xmas Tree project

PCBWay, hello.

I want to make a project of a beautiful and original Christmas tree. The outline of the Christmas tree consists of 5 patterned parts. The basis of the Christmas tree is 16 address RGB LEDs WS2812B. An 8-bit STM8S103F3P6 microcontroller will control them and create a variety of effects. There is a button in the project, it can be used for various purposes, for example, you can switch effects or change the speed of effects or other functions.

Structurally, the Christmas tree is made on a 2-layer printed circuit board.

This is top layer:

This is bottom layer:

The dimensions of the Christmas tree do not exceed 10x10 centimeters. The Christmas tree has graphic elements on the theme of Christmas and new year. Also, for an additional pattern, asterisks are used on the same line with LEDs, this gives a special charm to the project.

Thanks to the use of RGB LEDs, you can get practically all shades of colors, including transfusion from one color to another, as well as rainbow effects. It should look great.

For example, a charger from a cell phone with 5V and a load current of 1A is suitable for power supply. As an alternative power source, you can use the computer's USB port or portable power bank.

Such a project is perfect for both home use, and for work in the office or other areas of application, for example, it can decorate the interior in a restaurant or cafe. In addition, everyone will be able to repeat this simple and inexpensive project and order excellent quality printed circuit boards from PCBWay. In the conditions of a crisis and a worldwide pandemic, we electronics engineers and home-made people will be able to make our world a little brighter with the help of LEDs and a soldering iron.

But, for the implementation of the Xmas Tree project, i need your sponsorship. Sincerely, Ivan.

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Sep 16,2021
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