Xmas Tree project v2


After autumn, the new year and Christmas will come, and I decided to design a Christmas tree. Usually such Christmas trees are made on microcontrollers and LEDs. But in our difficult time, in the conditions of a worldwide pandemic, the prices of microcontrollers have risen sharply and many radio amateurs can not afford to buy them. I decided to make a Christmas decoration without using a microcontroller at all.

At the heart of the Christmas tree, in addition to Christmas snowflakes and all sorts of such things, RGB LEDs with a built-in control circuit, you just need to supply power and they will shimmer in different colors, and how exactly depends on the diodes themselves. The fact is that there are LEDs with a slow overflow, and there are also fast ones, you can buy them in China

So, these LEDs are operational from about 2.5 V to 4.5 V, I decided to put a penny stabilizer at 3.3 V and thus it became possible to power the Christmas tree from USB 5V.

In the 1st photo, the Top Layer is presented - it is also the front view, the soldering mask for this layer is not used at all, and in the 2nd photo, the Bottom Layer will have a green soldering mask on it, but there will be small rectangular indents in them where there will be LEDs, there will also be no soldering mask.

Why exactly is this so? I spied the idea on one of the foreign sites. The LEDs will be soldered on the contrary, that is, from the reverse side they will shine on the lumen of the textolite to the front side. The LEDs themselves are very bright and dazzle the eyes, and I decided to do just that. In any case, they can be soldered as shown in this publication, in general, there is a field for experiments.

PCBWay always supports electronic engineers with creative projects, so I ask for sponsorship for the implementation of this project.

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Sep 25,2021
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