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The Neo Board is an innovative skateboard concept aimed at revolutionizing the skating experience by integrating cutting-edge technology and design. The project's primary goal is to validate the feasibility of this concept through the development of a prototype. However, the journey from idea to prototype has required several compromises in design due to technical and practical limitations.

The Neo Board concept envisions a skateboard that combines advanced materials, electronic components, and ergonomic design to enhance performance and user experience. Features such as self-balancing mechanisms, customizable LED lighting, and integrated sensors for data tracking were initially proposed. These features promised a futuristic and unique skateboard that could attract enthusiasts and beginners alike.

During the transition from concept to prototyping, the team encountered challenges that necessitated compromises. One of the major issues was the feasibility of integrating complex electronic systems while maintaining the skateboard's structural integrity and maneuverability. The original concept's self-balancing mechanism proved to be technically demanding and would have significantly increased production costs.

In order to move forward with prototyping, the team opted to focus on essential aspects while postponing or simplifying others. The LED lighting, for example, remained in the design but with a reduced range of customization. Similarly, some sensors were excluded, and the data tracking capability was scaled back to ensure a functional prototype within the given timeframe and budget constraints.

Additionally, material selection posed another challenge. While the initial concept proposed the use of lightweight yet durable materials, the cost of manufacturing with these materials proved prohibitive for the prototype phase. As a result, the team had to compromise on material quality to make the project financially viable at this stage.

In conclusion, the Neo Board concept, a technologically advanced skateboard, faced the realities of development during its transition to the prototyping phase. Compromises were essential to address technical complexities, cost limitations, and time constraints. While certain features had to be scaled back or temporarily abandoned, the team remains optimistic that the prototype will provide valuable insights for future iterations and improvements of the Neo Board concept.

In order to fully test out the neos unique trucks system, we need to prove its reliability and functionality by creating a working prototype (neo p1).

unfortunately, prototyping comes with many expensive costs, due to the nature of producing low volume parts, so we were hoping PCBWay would be able to help sponsor our efforts in producing the parts we need to take this project to the next step... reality.

Rameen Soheilian

Industrial Design | California State University, Long Beach

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Aug 25,2023
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