Cahoots CRAB Trailer

Cahoots was founded in 2021, we're a non-profit based in Wellington New Zealand.

We do repair and maintenance work for poorer people in the community, repairing homes etc to ensure people who struggle to pay for maintenance can have a good standard of living.

We're a bike-powered service! We want to be part of a sustainable future where micro-mobility is encouraged. So we move tools and materials in a bike trailer:

But we're based in a very hilly city, and the bike trailer is very heavy when it's full of tools, so we're building a new trailer, and this one will be powered and have brakes.

This video details how the new trailer will work, focussing on the physical design as well as the motors and brake systems.

The trailer will be constructed from a steel frame (much of which has been produced) and will use ebike hub motors and brakes for powering itself to climb hills, and braking itself as it comes down hills. We're asking for sponsorship for producing some CNC machined parts, specifically for the wheel and brake mounts.

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Mar 16,2024
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