UCI HyperXite - SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

Established in 2015, HyperXite is a dedicated group of undergraduate engineering students on a mission to refine and research the new technologies associated with the Hyperloop. HyperXite has a rich history of excelling in competitions - competing from 2016 to 2019 and most recently at the European Hyperloop Week (EHW) 2022 in the Netherlands. Our dedicated team is fully immersed in the holistic process of designing and testing new technologies associated with the Hyperloop Pod through the construction of one at a small scale. Our collective focus is directed toward specific technologies that will expedite the advancement of this pioneering and innovative transportation system.

In the coming year, HyperXite eagerly anticipates showcasing our latest pod iteration to industry experts, academics, and fellow students during our annual demonstration day. Currently, our team is diligently integrating state-of-the-art electromagnetic propulsion technology into the design of Pod 9, the ninth iteration of our pod. This ambitious undertaking will span a two-year development cycle, during which HyperXite will oversee the design, manufacturing, and assembly processes. Notably, Pod 9 will continue to utilize a three-phase linear induction motor (LIM) powered propulsion system.

UCI HyperXite remains steadfast in our mission to transform bold visions into tangible realities. As active participants in the Hyperloop Competition, we are driven by the desire to showcase our year-long dedication at esteemed events like the European Hyperloop Week, Hyperloop Global, and our Demonstration Day. Embracing a culture of collaboration and showcasing the work of student engineers, we extend invitations to institutions such as UT Austin, UC Davis, and the University of Washington to join us in demonstrating and competing on Demonstration Day. We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of our esteemed sponsors, past and present, whose unwavering commitment continues to propel HyperXite toward innovation and success.

This 6-minute video truly encapsulates the mission of UC Irvine engineering students’ earnest efforts in innovation and sustainable transportation.

As we seamlessly integrate electromagnetic propulsion into our design, the Powers Subteam is dedicated to achieving several key objectives. Firstly, we aim to construct a high-voltage power system equipped with an inverter capable of delivering variable-frequency three-phase alternating current to the Linear Induction Motor (LIM). Secondly, our focus extends to engineering a low-voltage system to power essential components such as the microcontroller (MCU), sensors, and actuators. Lastly, our efforts will culminate in the creation of multiple printed circuit boards (PCBs), each serving a specific purpose within our system architecture.

The team would greatly benefit from the support of PCBWay as the Powers subteam is dedicated to designing and building PCBs for various functions, including supplying adequate voltage to the electronic pressure transducer and managing battery systems. Another important component of the pod’s electronic system is the Battery Management System (BMS), which balances the voltages of individual battery cells and reads the state of charge. The BMS board will connect the batteries to the BMS along with the CAN receiver, while a separate control board will interface sensors to the main MCU. Additionally, we are developing PCBs for the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Buck Converter, and other specialized functions to ensure efficient operation and control of our pod.

PCBWay's support will help us develop more efficient and effective forms of sustainable transportation, while also backing the innovation of student engineers at UC Irvine. We look forward to the collaboration with PCBWay as we work towards achieving our goals with their support.

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Feb 15,2024
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