Formula Student Racecar "FAUMax Pi"

Who we are

We are the Formula Student Team "High-Octane Motorsports e.V." of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Every year we design, construct, and manufacture an innova-tive and unique racing car.

With this racing car we take part in the international Formula Student competition in the categories Electric and Driverless. Our members are students of different fields of study, primarily of the technical and economic faculties.

 Each member is involved from financial planning to the rollout of the finished race car. From this, each person develops skills that make the transition into professional life much easier. Formula Student enriches a study program with challenging and practical experience in the fields of development, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

What is it about?

The task of each team is to design and manufacture a formula race car with either an electric or combustion powertrain.

The competitors compete in static and dynamic disciplines. The static disciplines include the cost report, the engineering design, and the business plan. This includes, for example, a marketing concept for the small series production of the vehicle.

The dynamic disciplines focus on the driving characteristics, as well as the aerodynamics and performance of the race car. We compete in disciplines such as acceleration, autocross and the most important discipline, endurance (driving 22 km in uninterrupted race). At the end the points from the different disciplines are added up. The winner is the team with the most points.

Our recent successes

2023: FS Germany 2nd place Cost Report

2022: FS (Formula Student) Spain:

- Best Technology Innovation Award

- Autocross 6th  place

- All dyn. disciplines driven with our EV

2021: FS East 4th place Engineer. Design

2018: FS Italy 2nd  overall

2016: FS Germany 4th  overall

That’s why we need you!

Without companies supporting our team, this project could not be realized. Sponsors provide us with financial, material or manufacturing resources. With your support we can optimize our race car even further.

Ways to support us!

As a non-profit association, we are happy to receive support of any kind. This can take place in financial form, or also by know-how and assistance in the development of new concepts. In addition, you can also help us with materials or the production of components.

Why PCBWay:

To build this racecar we need around 10 different PCBs which are all connected via CAN-Bus. All of our PCBs are self developed. Many of them necessary to comply with the safety regulations of the Formula Student Events. But many of them to make our car the fastest Formula Student racecar out there. A very interesting PCB is our Active Suspension. It controls the motor of our self designed Active Dampers. In 2022 we got the "Best Technology Innovation Award" in FS Spain for this system. The PCB also has a donut design to be easily integrated insider of the damper.

We have three levels that our system can do to stay reliable.

Level 1: Motor phases shortcutted using a specivic value of resistance

Level 2: Motor damp constant can be modified by switching the damping resistance

Level 3: Active controlling and recuperating the motors

To make this PCB and all our other ones work reliable we are producing Prototypes this year. Because of that we would really appreciate your support.

Thank you!

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Nov 16,2023
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