Gamepad Multifunction Programmable (Multipad)

Proyect Multipad

This prototype is a wireless controller to manage many devices with the basic functions that any electronic fans needs in a single compact, light and beautiful device. The initial idea was a portable minigame as a university project, however when doing it, I came up with many more options that I could add using a compact PCB design with SMD components, as well as adding more useful functions to be able to use it in conjunction with other projects to the future. Now the prototype isn´t complete, the characteristics and functions that it will have will be the following:

  • ESP32-S3 processor for easy programming and speed with a dual-core XTensa LX7 better than ESP32, running at 240 MHz. It also comes with integrated 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity. It has 45 programmable GPIOs and supports a rich set of peripherals and high-speed octal SPI flash.

  • Radio frequency control with the NRF24l01-PA+LNA module to control remote devices up to 1000m such as drones, cars, airplanes, submarines and more that you create.

  • BMI160 accelerometer for 6-axis analog input.

  • Electronic supports digital Voltmeter

  • Electronic supports digital Ammeter

  • Electronic supports a simple Oscilloscope option.

  • Battery Lion 2000mAh manage by a TP4056 module.

  • 2 Joysticks for direction, 2 pot, 5 position button for control the interface, 2 push buttons, 2 state leds and 2 programmable leds.

  • Display 0.98" SSD1306 or 1.8" ST7735 for print the variables that you need, status of a device and configure the gamepad.

  • Passive buzzer.

  • Type C connector for charging and programming.

  • 3 mini switch for turn off the device, the first prototype of the control, IT IS NOT THE FINAL PROJECT, it is a demonstration of how little was achieved in 3 weeks of work and demonstrates the quality that the final prototype will have with all the previously mentioned functionalities.

    This first test prototype (NOT THE FINAL VERSION) has the following features:

    The ESP8266EX only has one ADC, in this version the Joystick is not connected to the board, that is the reason why I want to improve the prototype to a version with the ESP32-S3, more GPIOs and many ADCs for multiple uses.

    All the electronic parts are in module format since I did not have time to design and have a PCB made with the quality that I would like, so I did what I could with the time and money I had.

    This is the schematic:

    I don't have a 3d printer so I had to resort to a business in my city that prints in 3d, this is under my budget for electronics. This is the model of a shell.

    This is what the final project looks like.

    And before I finish, my name is Jaime Caballero, I am a high-school student in my last year of Diseño Industrial but I am in love the electronic and programming, I live in Mexico and I love to learn by myself, I have a simple website where I tried to start as a freelancer at 17, but it didn't work very well, now I dedicate myself mainly to the personal development of electronic projects and to finish university, I would love to receive support and financing for my projects since I don't have the resources to carry out my projects and in in the near future start a youtube channel to upload all the projects I do and teach people this beautiful world of electronics and programming with the best possible quality, my motto is "If you are going to do something, do it well", I always try give my best in everything I do, I hope you like this little project and I would love to bring you more as I have many ideas.

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Aug 14,2023
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