FS TUL Racing

FS TUL Racing is a team of the Technical University of Liberec participating in the international Formula Student competition and is composed of students from various faculties across the entire university. We deal with the complete development, construction and production of a single seater, with which we represent the university, our sponsors, and of course us - the students.

This season we are working on our fifth team car, where we plan to connect the electric drive to the current internal combustion engine. We would thus be included among the formulas with a hybrid drive, and it is precisely in this category that we are going to participate again in several international Student Formula races in the summer. Firs we are attending FS East in Hungary, then we will move to Czech Republic and take part in FS Czech and last but not least is FS Alpe Adria in Croatia.

We are working on the project at the same time as studying at university, so it is very demanding. Thanks to their involvement in the team, the members progress both academically and personally. We gain experience, new knowledge and also contacts in the companies that sponsor us. This is very useful when looking for internships, part-time jobs or future employment. We also learn to work hard and organize our time in order to actively participate in team work and at the same time not neglect our studies.

There is a link to our website: https://www.fstulracing.cz/

There is a link to photo albums: https://studentformulatul.rajce.idnes.cz/

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

FS TUL Racing

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Mar 16,2023
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