Love Clock ver1.0

Hello. My name is Ivan develop various electronic devices as a hobby. My instagram page @domdevice.

I want to make a digital electronic device that will show the current time and temperature inside the room. This project differs from the others in that the silkscreen is applied in the form of two hearts. The large heart has a main 7-segment LED display, and the small heart has fourteen red LEDs. The project I will do on an 8-bit STM8S103F3P6 microcontroller, the temperature sensor will be used by the DS18B20 because it is quite accurate and common. RTC use DS3231.

Top side:

Bottom side:

For main display HT1628 led driver on SPI interface. To control the LEDs, I will use the hardware interface of the SPI microcontroller together with the 74HC595 chips, also known to everyone. I plan to display the time and temperature in a shift mode, and I will try to make different lighting effects for the LEDs. For example, a running light or a smooth switching on and off of LEDs using the PWM timer of the microcontroller. As a power supply for the device, you can use 5V from a USB computer if you use it in the office or almost any charger for cell phones with 5V 1A. You can set the time, change the brightness of the display and the brightness of the LEDs separately in a simple menu. To navigate through the menu, I will use several buttons. In general, this is an electronic device with a romantic theme, as its design is very unusual.

I want to develop a project so that it is not just beautiful to look at but also useful to use. There are a lot of ordinary projects of hearts on LEDs, and it will quickly get boring and the clock and thermometer in the shape of a heart can be used daily at home or at work. Moreover it can remind you of the love of a guy for a girl well or vice versa :) it does not matter.

In order for me to be able to do this project, I ask the PCBWay company for sponsorship. Let's make our world a little better and brighter together. Sincerely, Ivan.

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Jun 14,2021
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