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Wireless Display for Kart Data Logging system

This is an addition to the TvG Kart Data logging System that I designed. It is a wireless hand held board that displays all the data sent over wireless serial buy the TvG Kart Data Logging System and it can be used by the people watching from the sides. It is always good to impress the viewers with your top speed or with the fact that you did not lift through a corner. :) The hand held device has a very long range (approx. 1km). You can extend the range by adding an antenna to the hand held device using the IPEX connector. I also tested the wireless communication inside a concrete building and it works very well through the walls.

The wireless system displays the following: 

·         Lap Time in seconds.

·         Wheel speed in km/h

·         Engine RPM

·         Current gear

·         Acceleration pedal position

·         Brake pedal position

You can view this data one at a time or all in one screen with nice graphs for acceleration and brake pedal position.


Other than displaying data, the hand held device helps with setting up the sensors on the TvG KDL. 

Because the system is designed to be mounted on any kart, the acceleration and brake pedal sensors need to be calibrated once for every new installation. (Or when you see that the data is off by a margin on the display.)

To enter setup, just flip the switch on the main board do SETUP and follow the onscreen instructions. This way the system will know when the pedals and released or at 100% regardless of where you mount the sensors. 

This is all made possible by PCBWay and their very cheap but very professional PCB manufacturing process. 

  1. The display can be powered either from a power bank, or from a rechargeable LiPo battery mounted inside.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to apply for sponsorship and I would be very happy if I would get sponsored because even though the manufacturing process is very cheap, the shipping to Romania costs about 30 USD. This for a hobbyist is not that little. 




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Jul 23,2018
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