15V in - 5V 1A & 3.3V 500mA out power source

This is a simple power source that can be turned On or Off via a transistor using the I/O pins of any microcontroller.

It can also be turned permanently on by soldering the T and 3V3 pins together.

Connect battery + (15V max.) to the BAT+ pin. Connect battery - to the GND pin.

3.3V (500mA max.) will be available on the 3V3 pin.

5V (1A max.) will be available on the 5V pin.

The T pin is used to turn On/Off the power source. It can be connected to an Arduino I/O pin. When the pin will be HIGH, the power source will be On. When the pin will be LOW, the power source will be Off. Or the pin can be connected to the 3V3 pin to keep the power source permanently ON.

Here is the schematic for the power source.

And this is how it looks like when soldered on.

Here is the BOM file.

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May 30,2020
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