Kart data logging with wireless display and live data


This is a project that I am working on because I am a karting enthusiast. There are many great commercial products that log data on a Kart. But they are very expensive, always costing hundreds of EUROS. This is a low cost data logging project. It will log acceleration position, brake position, G-forces, RPM, speed, engine/outside temperature, lap time, and gears. With the possibility to add more sensors, depending on your needs.

Not only this, but it will transmit this data to a free app for Android and iOS (RaceChrono) which can log also GPS position and show the data in graphs, while displaying all this on a mobile phone.

With the wireless device (which has its own battery so you can put it in your pocket if you want), you can have a coach monitor all this data while sitting on the side of the track so that he can give you precious information to help you in your practice. Or just have you friends watch the G-forces while you zoom by at 130kph.



The project comes with all the sensors attached. You only have to mount the sensors on you Kart, connect them to the main board, connect the power source (a 5V battery) and go racing. 

Thank you very much for considering my project. When it is finished (PCB made, parts installed and mounted on the kart) it will be used in enthusiast and national karting events. We are a few friends who like karting and want to use this. If we will get your sponsorship, all the PCBs will be made on PCBWay. If you want, along with the PCBs, you can send us some stickers with PCBWay so that we can put them on our karts and promote the site. 

After the PCB manufacturing and installing the project on the kart, we will make a few videos showing the project, how it works, and promoting the site if you want. We will also post pictures showing the project on a few karting forums, both national and international.

The total cost of the project is approximately 80USD+PCB manufacturing and shipping. 


We would be very happy if you can sponsor us. 


Thank you very much.

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Apr 10,2018
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