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Induction RPM sensor for Karts

This is a small project of mine in which I want to create a small induction sensor for detecting ignition sparks especially on Karts so that I can calculate RPM.


The current solutions for calculating RPM that are found on the market are very expensive and use proprietary hardware and software that cost a lot of money.

This is designed to be used along with an Arduino of any sort. 


You have to use a solid copper wire and twist it 9 times around the lead to the spark plug then connect it to the COIL+ and GND terminals on the board.


The circuit uses the inducted current to switch on and off a transistor which in turn sends a signal to the Arduino used to calculate RPM.


You can use the circuit in two different configurations: 

·         You can send the signal from the transistor directly to the Arduino used to calculate RPM.

·         You can send the signal to the U1 integrated circuit which smooths out the signal and so the Arduino can detect it easily and will not get an overcurrent event. 

You can switch between these two configurations using the SW1 switch.


Thank you PCBWay for making this possible. Thanks to the sponsorship program I can build my PCBs easily and I can promote your services. PCBWay manufacturing cost is very low for the average consumer. THANK YOU! 

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Jul 24,2018
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