FSAE - Temperature Sensor Extension Board v2.2

About Arjuna EV UGM:

Arjuna EV UGM is a Formula SAE from the Gadjah Mada University planning to compete in Formula SAE Japan in the 2022 competition season. Formula SAE is an international competition for university students to develop a formula race car and improve their engineer talents and skills. Arjuna EV UGM is a team of young and talented students building an electric vehicle race car.

Temperature Sensor Extension Board:

From the experience of the previous generation, we realized that we need a device for detecting battery temperature according to the Formula SAE specifications. This device is made to sense 24 thermistors each of which is a negative temperature coefficient (NTC). The NTC serves as a temperature sensor. This device can monitor 48 battery temperatures simultaneously. A multiplexer 4052 is used for the data distribution system that alternately transfers data reading from NTC to Arduino Nano which then determines whether the temperature exceeds the limit or not. The system uses an optoisolator to keep the device galvanically isolated between the modules according to Formula SAE rules. this system can be set to be Master Board and Slave Board. This board is then stacked to the BMS via Board-to-Board Connector.

Words to PCBWay:

As a team from the university, we have to build cars at very tight costs and must seek funding independently from companies that are generous to contribute to the development of our education-and-research-based car. If PCBWay were able to generously deigns to give donations in the form of PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly, we would be very grateful. These services will greatly assist the research of our team engineers and also contribute to the development of the team as a whole. In return for your kindness, we would be able to put your name and logo on our website, booklet, leaflet, banner, X-banner, and expose you to our followers on social media.

Thank you for your consideration and any help you can provide. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Nov 26,2021
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