FSAE Battery Temperature Sensor

Temperature Board – Arjuna EV Gadjah Mada University


About Arjuna EV UGM:

Arjuna EV UGM is a Formula SAE from the Gadjah Mada University planning to compete in Formula SAE Japan in the 2022 competition season. Formula SAE is an international competition for university students to develop a formula racecar and improve their engineer talents and skills. Arjuna EV UGM is a team of young and talented students building electric vehicle racecar.

Temperature Board:

From the experience of previous generations, we realized that a device for detecting battery temperature that meets our needs does not exist. So we decided to design our temperature detection system according to the Formula SAE specifications.

The system consists a set of a thermistor, which is negative temperature coefficient (NTC) that functions as a temperature sensor. The data distribution system uses a multiplexer which alternately sends data reading from the NTC to the microcontroller. This system is capable to handle 24 NTC that is measuring 48 battery cells and keep the battery cell safe from over temperature.

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May 21,2021
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