Powerstage Charging Board – Arjuna EV Gadjah Mada University

About Arjuna EV UGM:

Arjuna EV UGM is a Formula SAE from the Gadjah Mada University planning to compete in Formula SAE Japan in the 2022 competition season. Formula SAE is an international competition for university students to develop a formula race car and improve their engineer talents and skills. Arjuna EV UGM is a team of young and talented students building an electric vehicle race car.

Powerstage Charging Board:


Based on FSAE Rules, FSAE electric vehicle Race Car must have shut down the circuit to keep the car and driver safe from any malfunctions that happen in the car, especially on the Charging condition. Powerstage is part of the shutdown circuit and is used to process data in the form of voltage from several components of the cars, the components are Insulation Monitoring Device and Battery Management System. If Powerstage doesn’t detect any voltage from one of the components, Powerstage will detect it as an error condition for the car and shutdown the High Voltage system on the car.

From the experience of previous generations, we realized that a device for detecting error components in our car does not exist, so we decided to design our new Powerstage Charging with a more suitable and efficient system. We Use Data Flip-Flop (D-Flip Flop IC 74HC74) in powerstage charging board to process our data equipped with IC NOT Gate (IC 74HC04), IC OR Gate (IC 74HC32), and IC Frequency Modulator (IC NE555) as pulse source for D-Flip Flop System. The output of this board is an Open-Closed relay that has a Normally-Open system that can open and close shutdown circuit according to FSAE Rules. 

Words to PCBWay:

As a team from the university, we have to build cars at very tight costs and must seek funding independently from companies that are generous to contribute to the development of our education-and-research-based car. If PCBWay were able to generously deigns to give donations in the form of PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly, we would be very grateful. These services will greatly assist the research of our team engineers and also contribute to the development of the team as a whole. In return for your kindness, we would be able to put your name and logo on our website, booklet, leaflet, banner, X-banner, and expose you to our followers on social media.

Thank you for your consideration and any help you can provide. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Jun 13,2021
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