Oled display mounted on steering wheel

This is a 2.42 inch Oled display that can be mounted on a Kart steering wheel. Then, using the 2 RJ45 ports, it can be connected to a TvG KDL Data Logger to display all the information gathered from the different sensors on the Kart:

·        Acceleration pedal position

·        Brake pedal position

·        Steering wheel position

·        RPM (from an induction sensor mounted on the lead to the sparkplug)

·        Wheel speed (either front wheel or rear wheel)

·        Current gear (for shifter karts)

·        G-forces

·        Lap time (using the magnetic strips in the track)

·        Heart rate (BPM)

It is also used to setup the Data Logger. (Calibrate the position of the acceleration and brake pedals, and choose how many sectors the track is divided in - for the lap time)

The shift lights on the top light up just like those on the steering of F1 cars and show when to change the gear optimally (for shifter karts). Or can be use to determine rpm for other karts.

Using the two buttons, the user can navigate through the menu choosing the data he wants to display.

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring me for other projects too. I could not sustain my hobby without you because I live in Romania and the shipping is expensive here. With the sponsorship program I hope to raise enough for a 20x20cm PCB to include all the PCBs needed for my TvG KDL project. Thank you very much.

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Aug 19,2019
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