Multi OS portable computer

My project is about a computer with multiple OS . So that we can use the OS which ever we want suppose we need to program a arduino so that we need a computer or laptop for coding but in this case we can switch to computer OS and we can program this is a easy way . And there will no difficulty for switching from one OS to the another it is just a matter of time .

I decided to make make this because it helps a lot as it is portable so that where ever we go we can carry this and do our projects comfortable. If we take laptops we should take a lot of care because it may break by falling down as it is very expensive it is some what difficulty for maintaining but our project has no fear as it is very cheap and if we need to change parts we can change and we can install the hardware of this project in our desired 3d printed case it may be colour , quality , or design we can decide how it should look like . There are many benefits of this portable computer.

This portable computer computer has 5inch display which is connected to the raspberry Pi 3. Here is the image below.

Here we are using 5 inch RPI touch display .

Here our CPU of the project is Raspberry Pi 3 b+ . Here is the image below.

For OS I have installed twister OS in an 128 GB mermory so that remaining storage can be used as the internal storage . The twister OS may take storage upto 12 GB so that remaining is our internal storage . In the twister OS we have windows 10, windows 10 pro , Apple I Mac , twister . This is our complete project.

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Oct 07,2020
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