GSM module phone with arduino

Hi friends my name is Venkat and my project is about GSM modular phone . Which is very compactable and cheap . Using this GSM module we can build a low cost phone using Arduino . We can use computer to send messages and receive messages and we call or else we can receive calls in our laptops also . It is good feature which make me to decide to build it . It is really very amazing project for beginners it is very easy and simple simple to make it. It works with a micro sim . We can install the sim behind the module and connect the wires according to the circuit diagram and upload the code

That's it here is our GSM modular phone with arduino is ready to make it attractive we can also add LCD display to it and modify the code

According to circuit.the items we need to make this project is

1.gsm module

2.arduino Uno

3.jumper wires

4.bread board.

If u want u can add LCD display which goes like this shown below 👇👇👇

Now if u go with shown diagram here we can make actual make a keypad phone where we will be adding key pad for typing numbers

And LCD display for showing the numbers which we have typed and it has a mic and a speaker where we can listen to others and also while we speaking they can listen to us.

We have big advantage with this second one because for the first we should have a computer for calling receiving calls but with this second idea it has completely became portable we don't need any computer for the second idea .

The items we need for making the second idea are shown below 👇👇👇👇

1.gsm module

2.arduino Uno

3.jumper wires

4.lcd display


6.bread board



We all this components to make the second idea project and with we need a battery which can be used which ever we want we add that battery according to the components we use because we can also add some led lights to make it colour full and decorative .

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Nov 07,2020
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