Low Cost I2C LED driver

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

My name is Victor, from Spain. I have designed a PCB for the NXP PCA 9955 that is capable to control 16 leds by the I2C port.

You can use it to create Lighting effects for your system of whatever you want, It has 16 channels, that you can use to control 16 single LEDs or 5 RGB leds and one single LED, you decide.

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

The PCB has its own power regulator, the LED driver, the output headers for the LEDs and some jumpers to select the I2C protocol address.

You only have to plug in a power supply from 6 to 24V, connect the 16LEDS(Maximum it will supply 57mA for each LED, depending on the R2 resistor)

By the I2C communication you can control the ON/OFF state o the leds, and by PWM you can control brightness.

### Words to PCBWay

I am starting designing my own PCBs and haven so much resources, so it would be awesome if you support my project!!

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Mar 17,2018
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