CandX MIDI Shield for Arduino MEGA/DUE


My name is Victor, I am studying Electronic Engineering at my first year.

This is an Arduino Shield for MEGA and Due that expands the MIDI I/O.


The circuit uses two multiplexers CD74HC4067 to expand the Analog inputs(32 Analog Inputs with only 6 Arduino pins 4 digital-2 analog)

It also has two TLC5940 shift registers to control 32 digital outputs with PWM(mainly for LEDs)

And directly connected 28 digital I/O.

It has support for two MIDI DIN conectors (TX-RX) if you want to connect it to another MIDI device, instead of using it via USB.

**I am developing the software to make it as "family-friendly" as possible for young makers to have acces to build their own MIDI instruments the most easy way**

Words to PCBWay

I would like to design also and UNO Shield and a full Stand-Alone board so if you could give me a better voucher, it could be awesome to develop the three models!

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Mar 15,2019
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