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My name is Victor, I am studing Electronic Engineering and I have designed this boards that works together as a High End MIDI Controller, I have designed also a case that I will 3D print.


This is my new MIDI Controller, It is based in a TtMega 2560 MCU and a 16U2 MCU to send the MIDI data to the computer, it has 16 pads, 6 potentiometers, 2 rotary encoders, and 18 pushbuttons. Each button/pad has attached a WS2812B RGB addressable LED, that you can control with only one PWM pin of the 2560.

The enclosure, pads and buttons are 3D printed, I have also developed a windows application to edit the RGB LEDs of each button, it stores the RGB color data in the 2560 EEPROM, so you don't loose it when you unplug the power.

It is fully power supplied trhought USB Type B.

-Words to PCBWay

I need to order two PCBs for this project, so if you could give me a 30$ coupon it would be awesome.

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Jul 09,2019
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