PCBWay Mid Year Big Sale and 6th Anniversary Celebration 2020

CandyX MIDI Open Source Board


My name is Victor, I am studying Electronic Engineering at my first year.

This is an Atmega 328P based board that makes MIDI devices easy to build for everyone


This board has an ATmega 16U2 used for the USB-Serial communicatin between your computer and the 328P as a HID.

It also has 3 ADG732 32 channels multiplexers to expand the I/O up to 96 channels, you can configure each 32 channels group as an Input or an Output, for example you can set it up for 32 potentiometers, 32 buttons and 32 leds and it has support for WS2812b led strips, so you can set up 64 potentiometers, 32 buttons, and all the leds that you want only with one pin.

All of this configuration is made through the software I am developing in wich you only have to enter the number of potentiometers, the number of buttons and the number of leds you want, and it makes everything by itself.

Words to PCBWay

I would like to design also and UNO Shield, so if you could give me a better voucher, it could be awesome to develop the three models!