Flight Controller with GPS, Telemetry and Gimbal


My name is Victor, I am on my final year of high school, I am very keen in developing things relationate with robotics, I have been developing projects based on Arduino, but I though that for this project, it would be better to make it in a dedicated PCB.

I am an independent developer with non-profit objetives.


The controller is based in three ATMega 328P microprocessors, one for the stabilization and motor control, the second, takes GPS information from a receiver and process all the telemetry that is sended by a serial RF transmiter, and the third processor, is in charge to control the 3-axis gimbal(servo or brushless), It has two accelerometers, one for the gimbal and the other for the device stabilization, a GPS receiver and the serial RF transmiter for the telemetry. The PCB has other 3 2x3 headers that are used to program and test the 328Ps by ICSP protocol.

For the power supply, it has regulators that converts the 11.1v Li-Po to 5v and 3.3v.


### Words to PCBWay

I have developed and designed all the parts, but now, I can't afford the build of the prototype, so I would like to get help from you to build and finalice the project.



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Oct 19,2017
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