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Speaker Delay and DC Protection Module

Product Overview

Best in class provides 500ms speaker delay for soft start of your amplifier. Works hand in hand

with power supply soft start that powers up your amplifier within 200ms. Power supply soft start

sold separately. DC protection for your speakers. 40 Amps Max. Can operate externally.


100mm * 76.4mm.

Power Source

Regulated 12VDC power supply required to

power the module


The module has holes for mounting. A M3 insulated screw would be suitable for attachment. This module can be mounted inside the amplifier or it can be mounted in a separate chassis between the amplifier and the speakers.


Regulated 12VDC power supply required to power the module. When mounted externally

connect the amplifier's trigger wire to AMP Vcc+ . When connected internally, connect either the

amplifier's trigger wire or the amplifier's positive power supply rail to AMP Vcc+ and amplifiers

Ground to Amp GND. If all these are not possible connect the modules own power supply

+12VDC using a jumper wire to AMP Vcc+. Delay can be adjusted from 500ms to 1second by

changing capacitor C5 to twice its uF. Connect your amplifier positive output to Amp OUT and

amplifier negative output to AMP GND. Connect your speaker positive to SPEAKER and negative

to SPKR Gnd.

For bridged amplifiers use two modules as the amplifiers negative output terminal is also hot.

Do not connect the amplifier's negative output terminal to the module's AMP GND in a bridged


The module will give you long term speaker protection service if used correctly. There are no

special requirements for earthing the module and can be earthed as per your procedure in

relation to chassis.

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