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How to Place a PCB Order at PCBWay| PCBWay Website Exploration 01

by: Nov 01,2022 5324 Views 2 Comments Posted in Help Center

Welcome to the PCBWay website exploration. In this series of videos, we will show you some features of PCBWay web pages and how to use them. First, let’s introduce you the detailed PCB ordering process.

When visiting PCBWay website, you’ll find some subpages in “PCB Instant Quote” page, and there are 3 ways for you of getting an instant quote for your PCB orders.

1.Standard PCB Quote Page


This quote page is the one most often chosen by PCBWayers to get the quote, especially for those who are not yet ready for PCB files, and its ordering procedures are also very easy.

Step 1: Select and Fill in PCB Parameters

On the homepage of the PCB instant quote, two parameters must be filled in-- size and quantity. Other parameters can be selected according to your design file and customization requirements. You can also just keep the default options, and we’ll offer the accurate quote after our engineer reviews the files. PCBWay’s Special Attention! Don't forget to check the additional options if you have some special requirements or you can write the PCB details in the blank as clearly as possible. 

Step 2: Click "Calculate" and "Save to Cart"

After you have determined all the parameters, click the " Calculate " button to get the quote. One thing to mention here is that the price on the right side of the page is a rough estimate, and the final price is subject to the review. You will get the reason if any price changes. The PCB service representative will also email you the proper quotation and confirm some design questions if they have any.

Step 4: Fill in Recipient Information

If you are ordering for the first time, you need to fill in your deliver details. Don’t forget to save it.

Step 5: Choosing Payment Method and Shipping Options

Depending on your preference and address, you can choose the payment methods and shipping options you prefer. After making a final checkout, click “place order” to complete the payment. You can keep track of the production status from the website, which is very convenient.

2.Quick-Turn PCB Quote Page


Some PCBWayers may have the question: what if I don't know the detailed parameters of the PCB and only have the Gerber files? Then the “Quick-Order PCB” Page is the answer. Let’s return to the Standard PCB Quote Page to find the entrance. look! It is right here. Click. The special feature of this page is that we provide you with a tool that can get Gerber file parameters automatically. Then all you need to do is just to choose other customization options, like colors and surface finish. If the default specifications of the PCB are all correct and meet your needs, then you may save this order to the cart and then proceed with payment.

3.Advanced PCB Quote Page


For high-precision design and more customization requirements, the “Advanced PCB” page will be more likely to satisfy your needs. The overall ordering procedure of this page is no different from that of the standard PCB quote pages but there is a wider range of customization options that requires more precise production process. For example, the choices of the standard PCB layers are from 1 to 14 layers (even-numbered layers), while in the “Advanced PCB” page, the maximum layer number reaches 60 layers, and more silkscreen and soldermask colors are available. In other aspects, we have stricter quality control for advanced PCB production and provide free final inspection reports. After you click the "calculate", there is a PCB Detail List to help you check out the selected parameters.

Now we have completed the introduction of the three kinds of PCB quote pages. If you have any further questions about the PCB ordering process, leave them below in the comments then we'll answer you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the next episode of our website exploration!

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