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How To Get More PCBWay Beans?

by: Feb 14,2022 3969 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

When you place an order, after the goods arrive and confirm the receipt, you will get the same number of points and PCBWay beans (if the package doesn't arrive one month after delivery, the system will automatically add the points and PCBWay beans into the customer's account).

The points earned by customers will exist forever and will be used to measure users' grades. When users' points reach a certain grade, we will give relevant discounts to the customers.

PCBWay beans obtained by customers can be used in our STORE, the value of points beans will change, but it will not affect the points and grades obtained by users.

Way to get PCBWay beans:

1.Rewards for orders

Every dollar you spend will become every PCBWay beans, for each successful order(confirm receiving) will give customer extra 10 PCBWay beans.

(Statistics are based on the actual amount received by the platform, when customer receive and confirm the order, the system will automatically credit PCBWay beans into the customer's account.)

2.Shared project

You can share your projects in our community to get beans, we will conduct project audits every day. For good projects, we will give 10-300 PCBWay beans, each sharer also have a chance to get $5-$30 coupons.

3.Good question 

Post a good answer & question will also get rewards.


When you share your feedback about the experiences of PCBWay's products and services. We will give PCBWay beans ranging from 10-100.


Connect Platform is the suggestion and feedback platform for PCBWay. You can help us improve the user experience by submitting suggestions, bugs, and your requirements. We will value your suggestions and will respond as soon as possible. When your suggestions are adopted by us, you will get 100-500 PCBWay beans reward!

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