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Q&A-008 | How to Get PCBWay Coupons and Beans

by: Mar 05,2021 1471 Views 1 Comments Posted in News

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When purchasing things online, we always expect to get coupons somewhere before making payment for them, especially at the time of having a tight budget. From time to time, PCBWAY also issues some coupons or discount codes to our new and regular customers in different situations. Today we invite Simon to answer our most common questions about Coupons and PCBWay beans.

Q1: What kinds of coupons are there at PCBWay ?

Simon: As you may find, there are acutally variety kinds of coupons at PCBWay. And to meet our customers’ needs, the types of our coupons have been also increasing in the past few years. But generally speaking, they can be sorted into 3 main categories. The first one is Cash Coupon, which is just like the cash in your account balance, and there is no limits when you use it. The second one is Discount Coupon, which goes without saying that it is deducted by a few percent of the order amount. And the last one is Instant Rebate Coupon, which is a kind of Special offer when spending enough, such as Getting $20 off when you spend over $100. And this is also our most commonly used coupon in the nearly two years.


Q2: How can our PCBWayers get the coupons you just mentioned?

Simon: Well, you’ll have the access to getting our coupons in the following situations: First, through our promotion activities, such as our annual event or the Christmas activity. We mostly prepared lots of coupons for each of our clients during the promotion events, so that’s turely a good time for you guys to get big discount for your orders. Second, via the sponsorship program. We’ve been supporting students and electronics enthusiasts for many years, so you can apply for sponsorship online to get coupons for your orders if you need. Third, through our partners. We will also give some coupons to some partners for distribution to their supporters. Fourth, we radomly distribute some coupons on our social media platform to our followers, so you may find some coupons at Twitter, facebook, or our Youtube channel. Last but not least, you can also get coupons by recommending PCBWay to others based on our referral program.


Q3: How the referral program work? Can you introduce more about it?

Simon: Sure, with the referral program, you can invite your friends to PCBWay and earn coupons:

You will gain $20 discount coupon when you propose one person for registration at PCBWay, the reward will be available when your friend places an order successfully. In addition, the person you invite will also get a $5 welcome coupon when joining in PCBWay.


Q4: Since PCBWay holds many different kinds of promotion events at irregular schedule each year, then how can our PCBWayers stay informed of the promotions?

Simon: Once you have created an account with us, we’ll keep you posted on the latest deals and offers via emails. And you can also regularly visit our website or follow our social media accounts for more updates and latest news. Of course, subscribing us is definately a good way.


Q5: After we get the coupons, how can we use it?

Simon: It’s easy. If you only have the code, you need to go to My Coupons page to redeem the coupon first or directly apply it on the check-out page. If you’ve already redeemed the code and had the coupons in your account, then just check it before making payment, and it will deduct the related amount accordingly.


Q6: Simon, As you said, we also have cash coupons which are just like ones’ account balance. Then can we withdraw the account balance at PCBWay?

Simon: Actually, it depends. If it’s from your deposit, then you can withdraw it through your service rep. But if it’s kind of cash coupon, unfornately it cannot be withdrawed. BTW, for each transaction you made at PCBWay, you can always find the record in your transaction history.


Q7: That makes sense. Apart from different kinds of coupons we just discussed, we also provide PCBWay beans to our clients. Then let’s switch the topic to the beans. What is PCBWay beans? And how can we use it?

Simon: It is just like a derivative of membership points. When you place orders or participate activities at PCBWay, you will gain both membership points to upgrade your membership level, and PCBWay beans to redeem gifts at our gift shop. There are plenty of popular products at our gift shop, where you can just redeem any product you like with sufficient beans. What’s more, you can use the beans to redeem coupons also.


Q8: That’s incredible. In which ways can our PCBWayers get the beans ?

Simon: Apart from placing orders and participating our promotion activities, you can also get PCBWay beans by sharing open source projects or answering the questions at our community. In a nutshell, providing anything of valuable content at our community will earn you the corresponding PCBWay beans.


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