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PCBWay TV Show 06 Creative DIY Electronic Clocks and Watches

by: Sep 17,2020 2137 Views 2 Comments Posted in News

Matrix Clock LED Digital Clock Segment Display Arduino ESP32 PCB Dial Nixie tube applewatch6

Clocks and watches takes an important role in our daily life. It helps us manage the time accurately. With professional electronic knowledge and experience, our PCBWayers have made varied DIY clocks and watches with plenty of functions and display effects.

Let’s go check them together with Lesley and Louisa.

1. LED Dot Matrix Clock

Oleg made a LED dot matrix clock based on 51 single-chip microcomputers. For this project, the progress bar at the bottom shows the number of seconds. Moreover, gravity sense will determine the display direction.


2.Make LED Digital Clock Without Any Microcontroller

Mousa made a LED Digital Clock without any micro controller.

3.Build LED Seven Segment Display 

StechiezDIY built a LED Seven segment display to show the time.


4.DIY Arduino Clock ESP32 and RGB Matrix

Aaron Christophel made a DIY Arduino Clock ESP32 and RGB Matrix, which can show both time and date. They are all based on different kinds of LEDs.

5. Clock and Thermometer Integrated Gadget

Electronic Stuff’s self-made LED clock combines the function of a thermometer, which looks like a multifunctional clock on the market.

6. Watch with GPS

Mentioned about multifunctional, Yuri Vorobets’s GPS watch can be a brilliant work. This watch can not only display time, but also air temperature and atmospheric pressure. Time is synchronized via a GPS receiver, therefore the clock does not have a menu item for setting the time. There is one more function---- stopwatch, which can up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.    


7. ArduBand

8.Wearable Vibrating Activity Tracking Watch

9. Make a PCB Dial for a Mechanical Watch

10. Wooden Smart Watch

Samson March made a smartwatch from scratch. Samson designed and built every aspect of the watch, from creating the housing to 3D printing it and writing every line of code for it. He also made the project open source, so anyone else can access the files and make his own watch. Because of this project, Sam got many great job offers from Google, Oculus, Uber, and SpaceX. He even was interviewed by the TV station. Sam once said that the meaning of open source platforms is reducing the difficulty to let as many people make out their dream projects.


11.Made Smart Watch Under $20

Debashis is good at creating self-made products at low costs. He uploaded this video named “How I made my own smartwatch under $20” in 2018, and wins plenty of positive feedback. It's a smart watch based on Arduino and bluetooth module, which can be connected to a phone, and is capable to show phone calls, messages and notifications.

12. Nixie Clock

Nixie Clock IN-14 & ESP12(ESP8266) WiFi




IV-3, IV-6 VFD display clock Shield for Arduino


13.How does a Nixie tube work?

14.Nixie Clock on IN-12 and Arduino v2


Project Plan: Louisa

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